"The days are surely coming, says the Lord, when I will establish a new convent with the house of Israel" Heb 8.8 

Why Israel?
The Bible teaches that the Church is spiritually rooted in Israel. This is especially taught in Romans chapter 11, and is visually shown on the diagram of the ‘olive tree’ below.109 times in the Bible God declares that the land of Israel belongs to his people, the Jews. 36 times this is on oath to them. 16 times He said it was forever. 4 times He said that they did not deserve it.

Way back in Genesis 32.22 - 30 we learn that Jacob wrestled with the Lord God at Peniel, and he prevailed. At that time the name ‘Israel’ was given to Jacob as a blessing. Ever since the time of Jesus there has been a battle for who holds the title and blessing of being ‘Israel’ - the Jews in the land or the church.

As both Jews in the nation of Israel and some branches of the Church claim to be Israel, they can be opposed to one another. This has been a root of Replacement Theology.
Who we believe Israel to be will influence our interpretation of scripture; it will determine our theology and eschatology; it will shape how we pray; it may ultimately lead us into more blessings - for those who bless Israel will be blessed.

We wish to share with you some of our understanding about Israel, from the Bible, from prophetic scriptures, and from David’s contacts and visits to this land. David and others have recorded teaching tapes about Israel, and we have produced some teaching on this site